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Our range of products includes ginger-, bear's garlic-, chilli-, ginger-chili paste, in oil soaked ingredients such as chili in oil, bear's garlic in oil or ginger in oil, as well as bear's garlic, ginger-chilli, horseradish extract, Onionmax, Garlicmax and Bear's Garlicmax.

Made of fresh vegetables of high quality, to capture full intensity of the aroma and quality of natural ingredients.

On principle, we use no chemical preservation. In Addition, we do not heat our products for preservation purposes.


We only produce after order = 100% freshness

Both conventional and organic quality available


Spicy pastes: ginger paste, bear's garlic paste, chili paste, ginger-chili paste

Oils: Chili in oil, bear's garlic in oil, ginger in oil

Extracts: bear's garlic-extract, ginger-chilli-extract, horseradish-extract

Maxaroma: Onionmax, Garlicmax, Bear's Garlicmax


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